Tom Clany's HAWX 2

game works
1. Mount and Install, deny any online communication attempts if asked
2. After installed, find the update folder and install that, again if asked, deny communications
3. DO NOT install the crack yet. Unmount the iso. DO NOT LAUNCH THE GAME YET. DO NOT LAUNCH UPLAY YET!
4. Go online and google or use ubis homepage and get the LATEST uplay client. The latest launcher is required to get it to go into offline mode only
5. Install latest client
6. Double click the uplay icon on your desktop, through this portion, we will be ALLOWING ALL communication attempts
7. Create an account and register, use a fake email if paranoid, no confirmation link is required
8. Log in to uplay under your new username and connect one time. Allow all communication. After uplay has loaded, it should show you have no games. At this point, click settings by clicking the top right sprocket icon on the uplay window, check the box ALWAYS START IN OFFLINE MODE
9. Close Uplay
10. From this point on you should direct your firewall to always block communication with uplay
11. Open my computer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher
13. Apply the crack files found in the crack folder to this destination, overwrite any existing files
14. Navigate to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\cache\ownership folder. There will be 2 files now, one random named, one that says rename. Copy the random file name created by uplay to the clipboard, now delete that file
15. Rename the said rename me file with the random name copied to the clipboard. (Note, it must be this file as it has 1kb, if you just delete the rename file and leave the random file instead of renaming them as stated, it will not work
16. Now youre all set! Close everything, Launch hawx2 from the desktop shortcut. Uplay will launch, of course deny communications. Log yourself in, you will receive a message that you are in offline mode, accept it. Then you can click on play hawx 2 now
17. Stay up all night testing, and always support the software companies by purchasing the game if you like it
18. In the words of the great Terminator: Done, Have Fun!



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